TradeVantage Software Review

TradeVantage is a software program that provides trade signals through it’s easy-to-understand interface. It’s based off end-of-day information that once compiled and analyzed, will generate a Buy, Sell or Hold signal for the user on a daily basis on any FX pair as well as equities. The program comes standard with immediate access to the download, technical support, and a 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

The Package Includes:

1.TradeVantage (for 1 year then $49 per month to maintain access
starting at month 13)

2.TradeVantage Advanced User Edition – bonus

3.TradeVantage ST – bonus

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TradeVantage Software creates and uses trading models based on Neural Networks Intelligence. The software makes clear recommendations for how to trade your favorite currency pairs the next day. TradeVantage can also be used for trading equities. The software analyzes the previous day’s data and then gives the trader a recommendation on whether to BUY, SELL or HOLD a position in any of the currency pairs or stocks the trader chooses.

Neural networks are a type of computer program that mimics the function of the human brain, and neural networks try to find order and logic within the data. The vast amounts of data that the FOREX markets generate are similar to the raw information that the human brain has to process. Neural networks make sense of it all, and help us see clearly. As we know, there is much useful information, and much garbage information within the chart data. We want to see what is useful, and ignore the rest.

The best Neural Networks Intelligence emulate how the human brain works, so it takes into consideration all of the data available at any given time with which to make the decision. This is why ANNs are a lot like professional traders, they can make good trading decisions in just seconds by taking a quick look at the whole market picture, including all possible patterns, indicators, prices, and so on. So ANN’s analyze large amounts of data just like a brain, and make sense of it, and then ideally they will give us trading advice.

Neural Networks Intelligence can make deep data analysis in just a second, and gives us empirical decision, based on its own ‘memory’ and experience. Like the most effective traders, the accuracy rates of those decisions can achieve 87%, based on our long testing and our current customer’s feedback. But no two human brains are alike, every individual thinks a little bit differently than everyone else, yet most brains work well enough to successfully navigate life.

Need more information? You can find it here:

==> Visit TradeVantage Official Website Here

In the case of TradeVantage, the software makes clear recommendation for how to trade your favorite currency pairs the next day. At the end of the day, TradeVantage analyzes the date from the previous day to help you make trading decisions for tomorrow.

The software will actually analyze historical data going back as long as you want. After the learning process is done for the models you create, the result is that you will have a unique system in your hands, one with its own well defined rules, patterns, triggers, and expert system parameters.

Next it will take a look at the current market picture and give you recommendations to either buy (enter a position), to sell (exit the position) or to stay away from the market. So to successfully implement Neural Network intelligence in your trading, run TradeVantage by selecting the currency pair you are interested in trading, create a neural network model (which is easy to do and is explained in the instructional videos that come with the software), let the model analyze the market in its ‘learning’ phase, and then ready to go, providing you with a recommendation!

After your model is ready, you just need to update it with the new data once a day, and then you will get a new daily recommendation to buy, sell, or to not trade at all for that currency pair for that day.

TradeVantage’s analysis engine basically performs back tests in real-time meaning once it thinks it understands market behavior, it analyzes the market history, applies its hypothetical recommended trading decisions based on that logic, and looks at what the results would have been while showing you how successful that model would have been if you had implemented the instructions. The software has proven itself as one of the best FOREX neural network software tools.
Need more information? You can find it here:

==> Visit TradeVantage Official Website Here

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