TradeVantage Software FAQ

TradeVantage software is brought to you by Dustin Pass. The developer of such systems as : Straddle Trader Pro, Elemental Trader and Oracle Trader.

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What Is The Next Step After I Register?
Once you click the add GET STARTED button above, you will be taken to the Secure Registration Page. Submit that form, and then you will receive a confirmation email within a few minutes. Shortly thereafter, you will receive another email with your login details to the members’ support website, where you will be able to access the software and all items in this package, including the training videos and bonuses. You can be using TradeVantage as soon as the next time the market opens!
How Can I get TradeVantage for FREE?
We have created a way for you to get it free with our new Get It Free With 3 Program. Essentially, if you refer 3 people who become TradeVantage users, you’ll get your TradeVantage for free. It’s easy, because all you have to do is share your success story with your friends, and they will be eager to get the same results. Once you are a registered lifetime user of TradeVantage, we will send you a special registration link that is unique to you. As soon as 3 people sign up using your link, we will refund your original purchase back to your credit card. So that’s a huge reward, being able to get your TradeVantage for free, and we love refunding you your money because it helps you and it helps us, so it’s a great program.
Will TradeVantage Work For Someone With Zero Trading Experience?
Absolutely. It can help everyone get the results they desire. In fact, novice traders don’t have bad trading habits to unlearn, unlike some veteran traders. But no matter how long you’ve been trading, as long as you are willing to follow TradeVantage’s recommendations you will do very well. The software will work for anyone of any experience level, whether you are technically inclined or not. The interface has been made extremely simple and easy to understand .
What If I Already Know How To Trade Forex?
Then the good news is you’ll take advantage of everything TradeVantage offers to get even more success right out of the gate. You’ll be able to start trading immediately after running the software, with only a minimum amount of training and set-up time.
How Long Will It Take To Start Making Money With TradeVantage?
Potentially as soon as your very next trade, as soon as the market opens again. In just 30 minutes, you can start making profits. It is all so easy so that 15-20 minutes are enough to download, install, and run TradeVantage. However, you will want to watch all of the training videos to boost your confidence level.
Why Are You Keeping This Offer Open Only For A Limited Time?
Because we offer top-notch customer support, and we intend to keep it that way. We put a lot of money into our support department because as a TradeVantage user, you should expect to get great support, we agree with you on that. But to maintain the highest standards of support, we cannot allow thousands and thousands of traders to register in a short period. So we open and close registration based on feedback from our support department. Secondly, this is a special limited release of TradeVantage at a special price. We cannot keep the price this low for long, so consider this fair warning that prices will go up in the future and the bonuses may not be included.
How Can I Be Sure TradeVantage Will Work For Me?
Great question, and that is why we allowed traders to download and test a fully functional copy of TradeVantage, so you could prove it to yourself. If you did not get a chance to evaluate TradeVantage, don’t worry, your purchase is covered by a full 30 day money-back guarantee, so you can invest without worry, and confirm for yourself that this software does exactly what we have shown you that it can do. But you must take action to prove it to yourself. Doubt and skepticism are fine, but it’s up to you to get yourself onto the playing field and make yourself available to the wealth that TradeVantage is capable of creating for you. And if you run into any issues, our customer support team is here to serve you.
So How Much Does All This Cost?

A lot less than you might think. When you take action today, you will get TradeVantage for just $1,997. Or take advantage of our easy 3x payment plan of $832.33 a month. Either way, it includes 12 months of access with no other charges. When it’s time to renew access at month 13, you’ll pay just $49 per month, and that low monthly access fee is guaranteed never to go up!But this should be about overall value, not price. Think about it like this: where will you be one year from right now if you don’t change something? Will you be struggling to pay off bills and credit cards? Working a job you despise, for a boss you dislike? Will you still be losing money in the FOREX market, spinning your wheels with complicated (and time consuming) technical trading? Or, will you enjoy the incredible feeling of making money from home with TradeVantage? The choice is yours!

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